Printed Roller Blinds

A roller blind is a blind that is rolled up onto a pipe.

Orgon introduces a wide variety of roller blinds, allowing you to find precisely the blind you are looking for.

The main types of the roller blinds are determined according to the fabrics’ type and their shading level: shading, blacking-out and mesh.

A shading roller blind allows light to pass through even when it is closed but it prevents the penetration of direct sunlight; it enables full preservation of privacy.

A blackout roller blind entirely obstructs the passage of light into the room when the shade is closed. This option is mainly useful in bedrooms, in order to improve the sleep quality as well as in screening rooms with the purpose of precluding light reflections from the screen.

A solar Screen, unlike shading and blackout roller blinds, is a blind that possesses a certain transparency that allows enjoyment of sceneries and the feeling of space while effectively filtering radiation.

Orgon’s roller blinds come in a variety of blank unicolor or printed fabrics, made of dust repellent materials, easy to clean and maintain.

All of Orgon’s roller blinds can be attached to a wall or a ceiling using an upper profile, a unique patent that ensures perfect balance and precise operation over many years.

In addition to an upper profile, you may choose the option of a decorative cartridge (cassette) into which the curtain is gathered.

A bottom rail that preserves the balance is utilized to end the lower extremity of the roller blind, the rail is wrapped by the blind’s fabric.

The operating system is easy and simple to operate as well as durable, manual or electrical operation.