Printed Roller Blinds / Printed Fabric Curtains

Orgon Digital Print

For over 40 years, Orgon offers and provides most of the innovations within the home and office curtains and shades products field to the Israeli public. We are proud to present to you another innovation by Orgon that will allow you to enjoy minimalist design curtains combined with technological innovativeness.

Want to print a drawing on a curtain? There is a solution! Print it!

Orgon introduces a new exclusive service enabling personal digital prints on roller blinds or fabric curtains, by means of a simple, rapid, convenient and easy method. The ink technology is entirely green, the ink is conducted using water, without any harmful substances. From now on, you can send us any of your favorite images and receive a printed designed curtain, entirely or partially composed of the image you sent us.
Additionally, we can provide you with ideas for images and pictures through our extensive spectacular images bank composed of diverse categories. This service can be provided for roller blinds or fabric curtains.